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Cabins at MWCD

Whether you’re looking to secure a home-away-from-home for a vacation getaway or to rent a more rustic adventure in nature, MWCD offers a variety of cabin options at various MWCD locations.

Luxury Cabins

Luxury Cabins Available at: 
Pleasant Hill

Luxury Cabin Exterior


Vacation Cabins

Enjoy nature and visit the lake without sacrificing the comforts of home.

Vacation Cabins Available at: 
Atwood | Clendening | Piedmont
Seneca | Tappan

Vacation Cabin

Patio Cabins

For a more rustic yet cozy, lakefront outdoor adventure, choose from one of MWCD’s Patio Cabins.

Patio Cabins Available at: 
Atwood | Charles Mill | Seneca

Patio Cabins

camper cabin icon

Camper Cabins

Looking for a rustic camping experience without pitching a tent? Stay in a camper cabin for the full camping experience with the luxury of a permanent, element-proof shelter.

Camper Cabins Available at: 
Clendening | Leesville Southfork | Seneca | Tappan

Camper Cabin


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