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Flood Reduction

Once ravaged by uncontrolled floodwater, the system of dams and reservoirs in the Muskingum Watershed protects our natural resources and reduces the effects of flooding in the region.

Man and child fishing off the water bank



MWCD reservoirs and dams conserve water, benefitting farms during droughts and supporting various municipal water supplies across Ohio.

Bolivar Dam


The Partners in Watershed Management (PWM) Project Assistance Program provides assistance to local communities, agencies, and groups involved in projects and programs that support the conservation and flood control aspects of the Mission of the MWCD.

Bolivar Dam


Parcel owners may request an MWCD maintenance assessment of their property for three reasons: to consolidate tracts of land, to request a re-evaluation of impervious area computations, or to file a property use/ownership change review.

Mohawk dam


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