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Current PWM Grant Recipients

2019 Partners in Watershed Management Grants

Project No. 1              Lashley Addition Sewage Collection Stormwater Modification
Applicant                      Noble County Commissioners
County                           Noble
Total Project Cost      $50,000.00
Requested Grant       $50,000.00
Approved Grant         $50,000.00
The Lashley Addition allotment consists of approximately 100 homes and a 25-unit campground directly adjacent to Seneca Reservoir.  The allotment was issued findings and orders by OEPA requiring the installation of a sanitary sewer collection and treatment system.  A 2013 PWM grant was awarded in the amount of $85,000 towards design of the sanitary system.  A 2015 PWM grant request for construction in the amount of $1 million was deferred.  Noble County Commissioners proceeded with the project using other grants and low-interest loans and construction of the project was substantially completed in the fall of 2018.  Construction of the sanitary sewer system revealed the need for a comprehensive stormwater management plan for the allotment.
Project No. 2              Rittman Flood Mapping Study
Applicant                      City of Rittman
County                           Wayne
Total Project Cost      $224,500.00
Requested Grant       $81,000.00
Approved Grant         $81,000.00
The City of Rittman is in Wayne County at the confluence of Chippewa Creek, Landis Ditch, River Styx and Little Chippewa Creek.  Landis Ditch is the sole watercourse in this area which is not included as part of the Chippewa Subdistrict Flood Control System (FCS).  Though Rittman significantly benefits from the Chippewa FCS, flooding has occurred along Landis Ditch to the north and along the eastern portion of the city adversely affecting businesses.  Because of this, Rep. Scott Wiggam, Ohio House District 1, reached out to MWCD and other agencies to learn more about the issue and potential remedies.  A meeting was held in Rittman last September which Boris Slogar attended, and we have since been working with Rittman officials and USGS.
Preliminary analyses by USGS revealed that floodplain mapping within city limits appears to be overly conservative and out of date with current conditions within the watershed.  Updated mapping is needed to better understand floodplain boundaries and will serve as the basis for any future flood mitigation efforts. 
Project No. 3              Nimisila Creek Preserve- Denshire Property Acquisition
Applicant                      Stark Parks
County                           Stark
Total Project Cost      $282,000.00
Requested Grant       $150,000.00
Approved Grant         $150,000.00 
Stark Parks is acquiring 52.78 acres of wetlands, as part of the Nimisila Creek Preserve Phase 3.  Acquisition of these acres will add to an existing 346 acres of conservation wetland that Stark Parks and Summit Metro Parks are collaborating to preserve, creating nearly 400 acres of contiguous protected wetlands and habitat. The property is located just south of the Nimisila Creek Preserve and north of the City of Canal Fulton.
Project No. 4              Village of Hebron Hydrologic and Hydraulic Floodplain Analysis
Applicant                      Village of Hebron
County                           Licking
Total Project Cost      $39,500.00
Requested Grant       $29,795.00
Approved Grant         $29,795.00
The Village of Hebron requests PWM grant funding for its Hydrologic and Hydraulic Floodplain Analysis Project in Licking County.  This project will add to and complete the work done with funding from a PWM grant in 2015 leading to updated floodplain mapping in our region.
Project No. 5              Watershed Protection Along the Clear Fork Valley Scenic Trail
Applicant                      North Central Ohio Land Conservancy
County                           Richland
Total Project Cost      $40,000.00
Requested Grant       $20,000.00
Approved Grant         $20,000.00
North Central Ohio Land Conservancy (NCOLC) requests PWM grant funding for its Healing Land and People Program along the Clear Fork Valley Scenic Trail in Richland County along land owned either by the Richland County Park District or NCOLC. Using labor and hand tools, non-native invasive species will be removed along with the installation of erosion control structures.  To accomplish this work, NCOLC hires and trains recovering drug addicts, convicted felons, and their young adult children.
Project No. 6              Dorn Forest Preserve Conservation Easement
Applicant                      Western Reserve Land Conservancy
County                           Stark
Total Project Cost      $865,400.00
Requested Grant       $155,000.00
Approved Grant         $155,000.00
Western Reserve Land Conservancy requests PWM grant funding for the purchase of a conservation easement for the 150-acre Dorn Forest Preserve property in Lawrence Township, Stark County. The easement presents an excellent opportunity to preserve in perpetuity a high-quality habitat for native and rare species.
Project No. 7              Dover High School
Applicant                      Dover City Schools
County                           Tuscarawas
Total Project Cost      $750,560.00
Requested Grant       $372,700.00
Approved Grant         $372,700.00
Dover City Schools requests PWM grant funding for partial reimbursement of installation costs associated with stormwater Best Management Practices (BMP’s) related to on-site stormwater runoff collection and ground water recharge system for its new high school campus in Tuscarawas County.  The BMP design incorporates underground storage using the natural characteristics of the surround soils to reduce overall stormwater runoff and to assist in ground water recharge.
Project No. 8              Wayne County High Water Warning System
Applicant                      Wayne County Commissioners
County                           Wayne
Total Project Cost      $32,417.00
Requested Grant       $19,372.00
Approved Grant         $19,372.00
The Wayne County Commissioners request PWM grant funding for the installation of four stream gages in Wayne County.  The project scope includes the installation of stream gage stations which would continually monitor the water levels of Killbuck Creek, Apple Creek, and the Sugar Creek.  These gages would also account for water flows on the major tributaries to the Muskingum Watershed that exist in Wayne County (the National Weather Service/USGS has a water level monitor on the Chippewa Creek).
Project No. 9              Summit County Flooding Taskforce River Gauges
Applicant                      Summit County Stormwater Manage
County                           Summit
Total Project Cost      $60,000.00
Requested Grant       $60,000.00
Approved Grant         $60,000.00
The Summit County Stormwater Management Committee was formed this past August for the purpose of addressing stormwater management on a holistic level thus moving away from previous piecemeal efforts. 
Gov. Mike DeWine declared Summit County to be in a state of emergency earlier this year which spurred the creation of a Summit Stormwater Taskforce.  Mayor William Judge, City of Barberton, submitted a request to MWCD for PWM funding for USGS installation of two new river gages (see attached).  These two gages, along with reactivation of an existing gage, will provide valuable hydraulic information at selected points along the Tuscarawas River and Chippewa Creek.  Over time, data collected by these gages will be used to model flow characteristics of the Tuscarawas River and determine how the river reacts to large precipitation events.  Ultimately, the model will be used as a tool to formulate permanent flood mitigation strategies.


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