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Tappan Lake Shoreline Projects

2017-2018 Highlands Shoreline Area

Contractor: Tucson Inc.

Contract Price: $163,051.10

Project Length: 995 LF

Project Description:

  • T92017 & T92018 Highlands: Type C Rock Riprap vegetated with live stakes, located along the Tappan Highlands Docking Association and continuing north toward the spillway.

Click here for project location: T92017, T92018

2015-2016 Y-Bay Shoreline Area

Contractor: Environmental Remedation Construction

Contract Price: $29,980.00

Project Length: 400 LF

Project Description:

  • T00001 Y-Bay (Crew): Type D Rock Riprap placed along the Y-Bay Docking Association Shoreline. 

Click here for project location: T00001

2014-2015 Shoreline Area

Contractor: Tucson Inc.

Contract Price: $87,717.00

Project Length: 979 LF

Project Description:

  • T03004/92031/92032 Cramblett Rd: Type D rock riprap, much of which is vegetated with live stake plantings, at 3 locations along Cramblett Road.

 Click here for project location: T03004

2012-2013 Shoreline

Contractor: Tucson Inc.

Contact Price: $197,524.88

Project Length: 1389 LF

Project Description: 

  • T11001 Marina: Segmental Concrete Block retaining wall, along with Type C rock riprap, along the eastern half of the Tappan Marina shoreline.
  • T92022/92023 Beach: Type C rock riprap, much of which is vegetated with live stake plantings, just north of Tappan Lake Park beach.

Click here for project location: T11001, T92022

2011-2012 Shoreline Area

Contractor: Harrison Co.

Contract Price: $7,200.00

Project Length: 260 LF

Project Description:

  • T11002 Beaver Dam Rd: Type C rock riprap project on Beaver Dam Road between the West Shore Cottage Area and Fowler Road to protect County Road 25 from shoreline erosion.  This project was constructed in partnership with Harrison County.

Click here for project location: T11002

2010-2011 Seawall Shoreline

Contractor: Beaver Excavating

Contact Price: $137,795.00

Project Length: 1364 LF

Project Description:

  • T03003/00005 Park Sea Wall: A vinyl sheet piling wall with concrete cap was constructed to provide better access for docking near the Area 1 campground.

Click here for project location: T03003

2010-2011 Shoreline Area

Contractor: MWCD

Project Length: 443 LF

Project Description

  • T92004: Type D rock riprap project located at the intersection of Beaverdam Rd and Fowler Road.
  • T92006: Type C rock riprap project located along Beaverdam Road about ½ mile south of Fowler Road.

Click here for project location: T92004, T92006


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