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Leesville Lake Shoreline Projects

2017-2018 South Fork Marina Shoreline

Contractor: MWCD

Length of Project: 425 LF

Project Description:

  • L99018 South Fork Marina (Crew): Segmental Concrete Block retaining wall, along with Type D Rock Riprap. Located along the Eastern side of the Marina adjacent to the fuel tank and South of the marina launch ramp.

Click here for project location: L99018

2016-2017 Glens Cottage Area Shoreline

Contractor: Tucson Inc.

Contract Price: $143,215.99

Length of Project: 812 LF

Project Description:

  • L09001 Glens: Two locations one of which is Type D Rock Riprap and other combines Type D Rock Riprap with the Cellular Confinement System (CCS). Incorporated into the CCS is a 4’ wide walkway for docking access. The CCS is planted with riparian buffer custom seed mix and the walkway is topped with No. 57 limestone. 

Click here for project location: L09001

2012-2013 Shoreline

 Contractor: Mark Haynes Construction

Contract Price: $452,962.90

Length of Project: 4190 LF

Project Description:

  • L99016 South Fork Campground: This project included Type C rock riprap, vegetated with live stake plantings, just south of the public launch ramp and along Deer Rd.  The project also included Type C rock riprap in a few locations in the South Fork Campground, as well as a section of 12” diameter coir log along the eastern half of the campground.  The coir log was vegetated with a variety of grass and flower plant plugs, and a native shoreline edge custom seed mix was placed behind the log.
  • L06001 Camp Wakonda: Type D rock riprap, vegetated with live stake plantings, located just north of the Camp Wakonda beach.  The project also included an area along the shoreline that was reseeded with a native riparian buffer custom seed mix.
  • L99007 NF Campground: This project along the point of the North Fork Campground included Type C rock riprap, some of which was vegetated with live stake plantings, as well as a section of 12” diameter coir log with plant plugs.
  • L99006 NF Marina: Type C rock riprap located in two areas near the North Fork Marina launch ramp and camp area.  This project also included a section of 12” diameter coir log with plant plugs.
  • L99024/99023/12001 Dove Rd: Type C rock riprap, vegetated with live stake plantings, in three locations along the west end of Dove Road.
  • L93001/99019 Hills Cottage Area: Type C and Type D rock riprap in three locations in the Leesville Hills cottage area, with one section of Type D vegetated with live stake plantings.

Click here for project location: L99016, L06001, L99007, L99006, L99024, L93001


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