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Clendening Lake Shoreline Projects

2011-2012 Clendening Shoreline 

Contractor: Tucson Inc.

Contract Price: $202,650.50

Length of Project: 1321 LF

Project Description:

  • C00001 Marina Campground: This Type C rock riprap project included a grouted-in-place toe to anchor the riprap to the exposed bedrock found at the bottom of the slope.  The project also included a native Shoreline Edge Custom Seed mix along a section of low lying shoreline.
  • C11001/11002 Marina: Type C rock riprap in front of the Marina building and along the point near the boat ramp.
  • C99013/10001 SR799: Type C rock riprap at two locations along SR799 between Brush Fork Bay and Huff Bay
  • C99014 SR799: Type C rock riprap vegetated with live stakes along SR799 just north of Huff Bay.

Click here for project location: C00001, C11001, C99013, C99014


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