Enjoy Our Lakes

The Muskingum Watershed Conservancy District (MWCD) reservoirs were constructed for two primary purposes:

* To reduce the effects of flooding in the Muskingum River Watershed
* Conserve water for beneficial public uses

Perhaps it is not immediately evident, but the very successful and widely varied number of activities available for outdoor recreation at the MWCD lakes is just one of the ways that "conserving water for beneficial public uses" is being carried out. The MWCD lakes have become widely known for outdoor recreation, attracting millions of visitors each year who enjoy the lakes for a day or more at a time, and contributing to the watershed's quality of life and economy.

The MWCD has 10 permanent lakes and four other reservoirs that impound water only during times of flooding. All 14 of these reservoirs include land holdings with free public access available. Visitor maps are available and the MWCD can be contacted at [email protected] and toll-free at (877) 363-8500 for details.

A total of 57,000 acres of property owned by the MWCD - 41,000 acres of land space and 16,000 acres of water - is available for a wide range of exciting activities and events including: boating, fishing, camping, hiking, biking, swimming, group camping, cabin rentals, church and organization overnight and day camps, marinas, special activities and much, much more!

The MWCD's 10 permanent lakes are:

Atwood Lake - located in portions of Carroll and Tuscarawas counties
Beach City Lake - located in portions of Stark and Tuscarawas counties
Charles Mill Lake - located in portions of Ashland and Richland counties
Clendening Lake - located in Harrison County
Leesville Lake - located in Carroll County
Piedmont Lake - located in portions of Belmont, Guernsey, and Harrison counties
Pleasant Hill Lake - located in portions of Ashland and Richland counties
Seneca Lake - located in portions of Guernsey and Noble counties
Tappan Lake - located in Harrison County
Wills Creek Lake - located in portions of Coshocton and Muskingum counties

The four dry dams of MWCD are:

Bolivar Reservoir - located in portions of Stark and Tuscarawas counties
Dover Reservoir - located in Tuscarawas County
Mohawk Reservoir - located in portions of Coshocton, Holmes, and Knox counties
Mohicanville Reservoir - located in Ashland County

Free public boat launch ramps are available at the MWCD lakes and overnight docking of boats and marinas enhance the boating experience.

Five of the lakes - Atwood, Charles Mill, Pleasant Hill, Seneca, and Tappan - include parks that feature camping available all year long. The lake parks come alive between Memorial Day and Labor Day each summer when events and activities are at their peak. Special events, fireworks, regularly scheduled activities and swimming beaches are only a part of what makes each park a repeat destination for generations of families during the prime park seasons each year. Atwood Lake Park is home to the annual Alive Festival, a Christian music and seminar event that attracts thousands of people to the park during a four-day period in June. Warm breezy days make perfect conditions for sailing and is what makes Atwood Lake one of the most popular destinations in the state for sailboating. Charles Mill Lake Park boasts its own campground swimming pool. Pleasant Hill Lake Park features access to equine trails and an equine camp area complete with tie-lines and special designed camping pads to accommodate large trailer units. Seneca Lake, Ohio's third largest inland water way is a popular campground for boating and water sport enthusiasts. Featuring a newly renovated marina and popular dine-in restaurant, visiting Seneca Park and Marina on a warm summer day is a perfect vacation destination. Tappan Lake Park is another favorite of water sport and outdoor enthusiasts. Tappan's campground, nestled at the basin of rolling hills, provides miles of nature trails and is home to the Buckeye Trail Association's Century Barn.

The MWCD also manages campgrounds at Leesville and Piedmont lakes. Camping options can range from overnight to a seven-month season.

Eight of the MWCD reservoirs also offer a total of 1,200 parcels of property for private homes, also known as cottage sites. Under terms of the program, the MWCD leases parcels of property for homes owned by the lessee.

With easy access to interstate highways and major highways, the MWCD lakes are a prime attraction in Eastern Ohio. The MWCD lakes also are conveniently located only a short drive away from Cleveland, Columbus, and Pittsburgh, making a visit to an MWCD facility a pleasant day trip or a great getaway vacation packed with memories for every member of the family.