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Although every effort is made to prevent an injury-related incident, an injury can still occur. Proper REPORTING of any injury or suspected injury can help to provide immediate care to an employee. All incidents must be reported within 8 hours of the occurrence. This section provides resources to aid in the prompt notification of an incident.

Post Incident Checklist
These checklists should be used as a guide after an incident has occurred to help ensure that proper procedures are followed and the appropriate actions are taken. These checklists are not all-inclusive and sound management principles and judgment should be made when addressing any incident. These checklists are for reference only.

301SM Employee Incident Report “Yellow” Form
A fillable PDF, this form is required for all injury or non-injury incidents. A tutorial for completing this form can be found in the education section of the website.

Safety Administrator Contact Poster
Please hang this poster in highly visible locations for easy access to the Safety Administrator’s contact information.

Ohio Bureau of Workers’ Compensation
This group handles all injury-related claims.

CompManagement Health Systems, Inc
Our designated Managed Care Organization (MCO). They are responsible for payment of claims submitted to the BWC. They also help with the management of claims to return employees to work in a timely fashion.


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