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A critical component of any safety process is the education of employees on the many various facets of safety. Utilizing a wide variety of educational tools to provide all employees the opportunity to learn the safest way to accomplish everything from the routine daily task to the non-routine obscure task is the goal of EDUCATION.

Help Prevent the Spread of the Flu

Watch the video for 8 simple tips to help prevent the spread of the flu in the workplace

Education Topic for April – Distracted Driving Awareness Month

National Safety Council Distracted Driving Website

Focus Driven – Advocates for Cell Free Driving

Safety Guideline Manual

A compilation and ongoing manual of recommended safety guidelines to aid in compliance with local, state and federal safety requirements and laws as established. Check back often for updated and new Safety Guidelines.

PowerPoint Training Programs

A collection of various self paced training programs designed to be used as introductory or supplemental educational tools for employees. Programs play in the Flash Player setting. Speakers or headphones required to hear audio portion of program. 

Safety Training Resources

This section provides access to resources that can be used to assist staff in conducting training or learning more about a particular safety issue. Training documentation forms and website links can be located on or linked to from this page.

MWCD Safety Newsletters

An in-house written newsletter by the Safety Administrator to highlight various safety issues.

Safety Team

A forum consisting of various staff of the MWCD, the safety team helps to address safety related issues from all work groups of the MWCD. Each team member represents their respective work group.


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