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Network Communications: Social Networking

Work Related Social Networking

Social networking media includes but is not limited to sites such as Facebook and Twitter, video or wiki postings, chat rooms, personal blogs or other similar forms of online journals, diaries or personal newsletters not affiliated with the MWCD.

Unless specifically instructed, employees are not authorized and are therefore restricted from speaking on behalf of MWCD through social media. Employees may not publicly discuss customers, projects, employees or any work-related matters, whether confidential or not, outside company-authorized communications. Employees are expected to protect the privacy of District employees and customers and are prohibited from disclosing personal employee and nonemployee information and any other nonpublic information to which employees have access. Such information includes but is not limited to customer and financial information.


Employer Monitoring

Employees are cautioned that they should have no expectation of privacy while using social media on the Internet. Employee postings can be reviewed by anyone, including MWCD. The MWCD reserves the right to monitor comments or discussions about the organization, its employees and customers.

The MWCD requests that employees report any violations or possible or perceived violations to their supervisor or the Human Resources Administrator.


Authorized Social Networking

Authorized social networking is used to convey information about the District, promote and raise awareness of the Muskingum Watershed Conservancy District brand, communicate with employees and customers, issue or respond to breaking news, and discuss park and department- specific activities and events.

When social networking, the MWCD must ensure that use of these communications maintains our brand identity, integrity and reputation while minimizing actual or potential legal risks, whether used inside or outside the workplace.


Rules and Guidelines

The following rules and guidelines apply to social networking when authorized by the MWCD and done during work hours. The rules and guidelines apply to all employer-related social networking entries, including parks and subdistricts.

  • Only authorized employees can prepare and modify content for the MWCD’s social networking entries. If uncertain about any information, material or conversation, discuss the content with the Public Information Admi
  • All employees must identify themselves as employees of the MWCD when posting comments or responses on the MWCD’s social networking
  • Any copyrighted information where written reprint authorization has not been obtained in advance cannot be posted on MWCD’s social networking sites
  • Parks and groups are responsible for ensuring all social networking information complies with the MWCD’s written policies. Park mangers and group managers are authorized to remove any content that does not meet the rules and guidelines of this policy or that may be illegal or offensive. Removal of such content will be done without permission of the author or advance warning.
  • The MWCD reserves the right to remove, without advance notice or permission, any visitor content considered inaccurate or offensive. The MWCD also reserves the right to take legal action against visitors who engage in prohibited or unlawful conduct on the social network site.


Personal Social Networking

Outside of the work environment on their own time, employees are expected to follow these guidelines and policies set forth to provide a clear line between you as the individual and you as the employee.  The MWCD respects the right of employees to use blogs and social networking sites as a medium of self-expression and public conversation and does not discriminate against employees who use these media for personal interests and affiliations or other lawful purposes.

Employees are personally responsible for their commentary on blogs and social networking sites. District employees can be held personally liable for commentary that is considered defamatory, obscene, or libelous by any offended party.

Employees cannot use MWCD owned equipment, including computers, licensed software or other electronic equipment, nor facilities while on District time, to conduct personal social networking activities.

Employees cannot use social networking sites to harass, threaten, discriminate or disparage employees or anyone associated with or doing business with the MWCD.

If you choose to identify yourself as a Muskingum Watershed Conservancy District employee, please understand that some readers may view you as a spokesperson for the District. Because of this possibility, we ask that you state that your views expressed in social networking are your own and not necessarily those of the organization, or of any person or organization affiliated or doing business with the MWCD.


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