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Network Communications: Internet Policy


Non-business use of the Internet that unjustifiably interferes with business activities is not permitted. Personal use of the Internet that disrupts district business, incurs an undue cost to the district, could potentially embarrass the district or has the appearance of impropriety is strictly prohibited. Examples of unjustifiable interference with business activities include but are not limited to accessing:

1)     Personal email account

2)     Personal bank accounts

3)     Retail sites (Non-business use)

4)     Social networking sites (Non-business use)

5)     Movie, video, and TV sites (Non-business use)

The MWCD expressly reserves the right to monitor Internet usage by employees.  The IS/IT Group utilizes software and hardware to monitor employee usage.

Using District IT resources for private business activities, sending chain letters, or soliciting money or support on behalf of charities, religious entities or political causes is prohibited. IT resources may be used to support district sponsored charitable events including events of the Muskingum Watershed Conservancy Foundation (MWCF).

Internet communications shall not contain offensive, obscene, threatening, harassing or incendiary statements. Statements that disparage others based on their race, national origin, sex, sexual orientation, age, disability, religious, or political beliefs as well as statements that promote violence or the use of weapons or devices associated with terrorist activities are strictly forbidden.

Sending, soliciting, viewing or downloading sexually oriented material, consisting of but not limited to, messages, images and videos, is strictly forbidden.

Accessing or participating in any type of personal ads or services such as dating, matchmaking, companion finding, pen pal or escort services is prohibited.

Organizing, wagering on, participating in or observing any type of gambling event or activity is prohibited.

Sending, soliciting, viewing or downloading material consisting of but not limited to, messages, images and videos, that promote violence or are associated with terrorist activities is strictly forbidden.

Disseminating or printing of copyrighted materials in violation of copyright laws is prohibited.  If an employee as a specific question related to the potential violation of copyright laws related to technology, please contact the IS/IT Group.

Users shall not provide unauthorized access to confidential information via the Internet. All use of the Internet must be done in compliance with the rules and regulations that apply to such information. All reasonable means shall be employed to prevent the inadvertent dissemination of another person’s private and/or confidential information via the Internet.

Use of another’s account or signature line by a user is prohibited unless prior authorization by that user is given in writing. This includes all activities on the Internet (e.g., sending electronic mail on behalf of another employee or signing up someone other than you for any online service).

Users are prohibited from disabling anti-virus software or disseminating malicious code and are required to check all files downloaded from the Internet for malicious code (e.g., a virus), and shall report any incidents to the IS/IT Group. Users are required to utilize anti-virus software to check all files for code that could harm district equipment or systems. Users must report any malicious code detected to the IS/IT Group or

Unauthorized operation of, participation in, or contribution to any online community including, but not limited to, forums, chat rooms, blogs, wikis, peer-to-peer file sharing, social networks and non-work related listservs is prohibited. Using an MWCD e-mail address on personal communications in online communities is prohibited. Users can request approval to participate in these forms of communication if required for official business by contacting the IS/IT Group or  (e.g.; Park Facebook Accounts)

It is mandatory that you comply with copyright and trademark laws when downloading material from the Internet.  Please contact the IS/IT Group with specific questions related to downloading material that may be in violation of copyright and trademark laws.


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