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Osprey Rescued from Tree Entangled in Fishing Line at Atwood Lake

August 8, 2023

Thanks to community cooperation and concern for wildlife, a distressed osprey was successfully rescued after becoming entangled in fishing line high up in a tree. The rescue mission, led by Atwood Park Staff, MWCD Rangers, Dellroy Fire Department, and DH Land Clearing took place over the weekend near Dellroy. 

A nearby resident noticed the osprey struggling in the tree and alerted local authorities. The osprey, had been ensnared in discarded fishing line, leaving it unable to free itself.

“We have an awesome, supportive community and were able to quickly assemble a team to attempt a successful recovery,” said John Lewis, Atwood Lake Park Manager. “This rescue serves as a reminder of the importance of responsible fishing practices and the impact on our wildlife. We cannot stress enough how important it is to discard used fishing lines, or other materials properly. We are grateful for the swift response of the community and the dedication of our team in ensuring the safety of this animal.”

Osprey after being freed  Stark Parks Wildlife Conservation Center

Rescuers managed to safely reach the distressed osprey and carefully remove the entangling fishing line. Following the successful rescue, the osprey was transported to Stark Park’s Wildlife Conservation Center where it is being cared for to ensure its health and well-being.

“The Osprey is doing fairly well,” said Stephon Echague, Animal Care Supervisor Stark County Park District’s Conservation Center. “He has a swollen leg where the fishing line was wrapped, but he can put weight on it, so that is a good sign. He will see the vet this week and is currently receiving fluids and being well-fed. If all goes well, and he continues to show positive improvements, we will look forward to releasing him back into the wild soon.”

Fishing line disposal bins are located at the public launch ramps, and various locations at each of the MWCD lakes. Additionally, residents are encouraged to report any wildlife in distress to local authorities.

Osprey entangled in fishing line    Fishing line disposal bin


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