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Maintenance Assessment Update for Guernsey Co. Taxpayers

June 22, 2023

Due to an administrative error by Woolpert, many Guernsey County residents were overcharged for the 2023 Muskingum Watershed Conservancy District’s (MWCD) annual assessment on first half tax bills. 

Woolpert, Inc. (the contractor for the MWCD), sent a corrected billing file to the Guernsey County Auditor’s Office in late February 2023 after the errors were found. The Auditor’s office staff worked diligently to manually correct all the parcels that were not paid in full. Second half tax bills will be correct.  

If you believe that your MWCD Maintenance Assessment is still incorrectplease contact Woolpert Project Manager, Yaneev Golmbek by phone at 1-720-279-3772 or by email at [email protected].

Woolpert is currently providing refund checks to the property owners who paid their tax bills in full and were overcharged. Property owners are asked to cash refund checks within sixty (60) days. 

Woolpert Refund Letter

Guernsey County Auditor’s Website 

Guernsey County Assessment Refund List


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