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Month: February 2023

MWCD Names Chief Ranger

Patrick Brockmeier has been named Chief Ranger for Muskingum Watershed Conservancy District (MWCD) to lead the ranger department.  He will oversee 34 Rangers whose duties range from patrolling camp areas, cottage areas, and lakes, to providing Ohio Boater or Hunter Education Courses to the community. They also conduct safety checks, respond to noise complaints, criminal violations, and assist other nearby agencies.

Brockmeier has been employed by MWCD as a variable Ranger at Seneca Park since 2019 while also working as a full-time probation officer for Marietta Municipal Court. He has prior Chief experience as the Matamoris Police Department Chief of Police and the Beverly Police Department Chief of Police. He also serves as part-time faculty at both Washington State Community College and Hocking College as an OPOTA Instructor, Ohio Correctional Officer Instructor, and Natural Resources Instructor.

“I am excited about this new opportunity at the MWCD,” said Brockmeier. “I consider the opportunity to serve the MWCD to be a great privilege and responsibility, one that I will approach with professionalism, and a commitment to work in partnership with our entire community.”

Patrick earned his Bachelor of Arts degree in General Studies, with a concentration in Political Science through Marietta College, his Associate of Applied Science degree in Criminal Justice through Washington State Community College, and an Associate of Arts degree in General Studies through Marietta College. He earned his Ohio Peace Officer Training Certification through Hocking College

“We are pleased to welcome Patrick to MWCD as our new Chief Ranger,’’ said Executive Director, Craig Butler. “His education and background in law enforcement, as well the experience he has from working as a ranger for us since 2019, brings an insight to our organization and will make him an effective leader. He has a desire to implement new ideas to further enhance our community policing style of law enforcement and make him the perfect fit for our organization.”

Geophysical Survey to be Conducted at Atwood Lake

An upcoming project will take place on portions of MWCD property at Atwood Lake. The project will include a Geophysical Survey conducted by Dawson Geophysical Company on behalf of EOG Resources. We have discussed and worked with both Dawson and EOG in advance of the project. For your convenience we have included below some frequently asked questions regarding this type of project. Please review this information at your convenience. We appreciate your patience while this project takes place.

What is a geophysical survey?
Geophysical surveys use acoustic waves to create images of the earth through analysis of vibrations from those waves. Surveys can be conducted on land and water. It’s basically like taking a “sonogram” beneath the surface.

Why is a geophysical survey needed?
The oil and gas industry uses the survey to image the earth’s subsurface layers to determine oil and gas reserves, along with other geologic features which could affect the exploration and development of the reserves.

How will this project affect me?

Throughout the duration of the project, you may experience temporary inconvenience in certain areas while recreating on land and on the water at and around Atwood Lake. This could include increased foot, vehicle, and equipment traffic, temporary boat traffic pattern changes, equipment placement and retrieval in and around MWCD lands, facilities, and on the lake. Please see the pictures below for examples of some of the equipment to be utilized during the project. No equipment is being placed on cottage area lots and access to cottage area lots is prohibited.

Has MWCD allowed geophysical surveys in the past?
MWCD has permitted both large and small geophysical surveys in the past, including at Atwood.

What is the timeline for this project?
Currently the project is expected to start in January-February of 2023. The project is anticipated to be completed by the end of April 2023.

Where will the geophysical survey take place?
The entire survey is being conducted for a ~135 square mile area in Carroll, Stark, and Tuscarawas counties Ohio. A smaller portion of the entire survey is expected to be conducted at pre-determined global positioning system (gps) points on approximately 3,000 acres of MWCD land and water on the western side of Atwood Lake.

What steps are involved in a geophysical survey?
A geophysical survey typically involves multiple steps. They include a cultural survey, data recording and collection, and data analyzation.
1. Cultural Survey: Is the first step of the process to identify cultural points such as utilities, structures, and other items. Safety buffers are added to subsequently lay out a grid of energy sources and receivers.
2. Data Recording and Collection: The acoustic waves are created by an energy source at the surface. Acoustic wavelets then travel through subsurface layers of rock and then travel back to the surface, where the data is recorded by receivers at the surface.
3. Data Analyzed: This recorded data is subsequently analyzed to produce an image of the subsurface layers for use in exploration and development.

Who is Dawson Geophysical Company?
Dawson Geophysical is a leading provider in North America for onshore data acquisition services, operating in many of the larger producing basins including the Appalachian Basin. Additional information can be found at

What is the benefit to MWCD?
Primarily, the survey will benefit the development of MWCD’s mineral reserves to develop these reserves in a safe, reliable, and efficient manner. The survey information can allow the operator to reduce risk regarding cost, safety, and negative effects to the environment by allowing for more accurate planning of well locations and more accurate design of drilling and completions operations. The information can also reduce the probability of technical issues or hazards for the drilling and operations process. Additional benefits to MWCD could include a better picture or understanding of the geology underlying the lake and MWCD lands, as well as being a good steward and partner for private landowners adjacent to and within the entire survey to realize the benefits.

Who can I contact if I have any questions?
If you have questions, please contact 330-343-6647

Receiver on a buoy
An example of a receiver on water    An example of a receiver on land

Maintenance Assessment Update for Guernsey Co. Taxpayers

MWCD Maintenance Assessment update for Guernsey County Taxpayers: There was an error in the billing file that is added to the Guernsey County tax bills for the annual MWCD Maintenance Assessment. A correction will be included in second half tax bills or refunds will be provided if necessary.

An updated billing file will be delivered to Guernsey County by Friday, February 17, 2023. If you have a question or require further clarification, please contact an assessment specialist by calling toll free 1-866-755-6923.


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