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Muskingum Watershed Conservancy Court Appoints Karl Gebhardt to Board of Directors

June 14, 2024

Ohio environment, agriculture, and natural resources leader Karl Gebhardt has been appointed to the Muskingum Watershed Conservancy District (MWCD) board of directors by the Conservancy Court. The Court is the 18-judge body that oversees MWCD operations and makes appointments to its board. The Court appointed Gebhardt at its recent annual meeting at the Tuscarawas County Courthouse.

“I applaud the Court for selecting Karl for the MWCD board. Time and again he has demonstrated not only his deep knowledge of the natural resources issues in Ohio but also his commitment to public service, having served as a township trustee, senior leader at cabinet agencies and on international committees for the Great Lakes. We are lucky to have his knowledge and experience at work for the MWCD and are deeply grateful for his willingness to serve,” said Craig Butler, MWCD Executive Director.

Gebhardt’s service to Ohio includes leading farmland preservation efforts at the Department of Agriculture, as well as deputy director of Water Resources and chief of the Division of Surface Water for the Ohio Environmental Protection Agency. He also served as deputy director at the Department of Natural Resources, overseeing its Division of Soil and Water Resources and leading the Ohio Lake Erie Commission. He has also served as a township trustee and as a member of the International Joint Commission’s Water Quality Board, a U.S-Canada body that works on shared issues impacting the Great Lakes. He has a master’s in public policy from The Ohio State University and bachelor’s in business from Franklin University.

 “Among Ohio’s many natural gems are the Muskingum River’s watershed and the conservancy district that was created 90 years ago to both help control its flooding and also steward its natural beauty for future generations. There are very few places in the country where public lands are managed as responsibly and where people can so fully enjoy them. I am honored to have the chance to contribute to this work and look forward to partnering with my fellow board members and the talented MWCD staff in continuing this strong legacy,” said Gebhardt.

 Members of Board of Directors are appointed by the Conservancy Court to oversee the operations and business affairs of the MWCD, which manages more than 58,000 acres of land and water dedicated to public use. Board members meet once a month in open, public session.



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