Trails & Amenities - Atwood Lake Park

 Atwood Lake Trails

Part of Atwood Lake Park's Master Plan updates include updates to the many trails at Atwood Lake Park. Atwood Lake Park has over 6 miles of hiking and biking trails which now included paved and lighted trails. The paved trail runs from the Marina to the Welcome Center while our lighted trail runs from the Nature Center to the Amphitheater. These trail updates allow visitors to the park to walk safely through our park from location to location without having to walk along side the road. For more about the trails at Atwood visit AtwoodLakeOhio.Org  




Event Parking


Atwood Lake Park has expanded it' event parking as part of the Master Plan. These additional parking spaces next to the Welcome Center and by the Trailhead/Small Amphitheater allow for Atwood to continue to expand the types and sizes of events they are hosting. Additionally, these spots allow for convenient parking for individuals who may be hiking or exploring our GeoTrail.



East Marina Ramp

Prior to construction, the boat launch ramp at Atwood's East Marina was in need of repair, full of broken concrete. Now that construction is complete, launching your vessel is a breeze! This project was completed in 2011.







Beach Area Seawall


Atwood Lake beach are seawall was corrected and improved as part of the Master Plan. This project corrected shoreline erosion and improves the usable area at Atwood Beach.