2017 Muskingum River Gage at McConnelsville-Heidelberg University, National Center for Water Quality Research

Problem Description

The National Center for Water Quality Research (NCWQR) of Heidelberg University is requesting financial assistance to continue the operation and maintenance of the water quality monitoring station on the lower Muskingum River at McConnelsville in Morgan County. The monitoring station collects a number of water quality data, including concentrations of nutrients, total suspended solids, and amounts of sediments transported downstream. The nutrient and sediment data are used by scientists and policy makers. PWM grant funding partially funded the operation of the gage in 2015 and 2016.

Solution Description

The gage provides important water quality data that is used extensively by government agencies, educational institutions, commercial organizations, and non-profits. The data show trends and patterns in water quality, measure pollutant loads, and analyze the effectiveness of best management practice implementation.

Grant Funding


Amendment to the Official Plan Categories:                   Water Quality Improvements

                                                                                 Dam Safety/Flood Control        

Amendment to the Official Plan Sub-Categories:            WQ-2   Water Quality Monitoring

                                                                                 DS-8    Improvements along the Muskingum River

                                                                                 WQ-5   Environmental Education


 Total Project Cost:        $20,580

Requested Grant:          $16,000

Recommended Grant:    $10,000

Location Information

Activity Log

The Board of Directors approved this Grant on February 17, 2017.

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