2017 Dover Low-Head Dam Monitoring Project-City of Dover

Problem Description

The City of Green is requesting financial assistance to monitor habitat and biological water quality around the low-head dam on the Tuscarawas River. The project will include three sites for monitoring fish, aquatic macroinvertebrates, and habitat following Ohio Environmental Protection Agency level three credible data collection guidelines. The data collection will help the City of Dover consider options for maintenance and possible future modifications. Low-head dams have been documented to have a detrimental environmental impact on the aquatic life and water quality of their associated water features. Biological and water quality monitoring data are required for any future dam modification projects.

Solution Description

The project will study habitat and biological water quality near the Dover low-head dam. The results of the analysis will assist the City of Dover in considering options for maintenance and possible future modifications. The monitoring project will provide the City of Dover with invaluable information necessary for making future decisions regarding maintenance or future modifications.

Grant Funding


Amendment to the Official Plan Categories:                   Watershed Management

                                                                                 Water Quality Improvements

Amendment to the Official Plan Sub-Categories:            WM-1  Planning          

                                                                                 WM-6  Assist Local Property Owners with Best                                                                                  Management Practices

                                                                                   WQ-2   Water Quality Monitoring


Total Project Cost:         $18,687

Requested Grant:          $15,813

Recommended Grant:    $12,500

Location Information

Activity Log

The Board of Directors approved this Grant on February 17, 2017

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