2017 City of Massillon-Tuscarawas River Improvement Corridor

Problem Description

The City of Massillon is requesting financial assistance to develop a plan to embrace and revitalize the Tuscarawas River through the City of Massillon. The City of Massillon and the 3rd Century Massillon Committee are working together to promote the Tuscarawas River as a vibrant natural resource and economic, cultural, and educational asset. The proposed project will collect data, identify existing conditions and issues, coordinate with agencies, recommend development projects, and identify potential funding sources.

Solution Description

The project will develop an implementation plan for water quality and habitat improvements to the Tuscarawas River through the City of Massillon. While working within the current flood control facilities, the plan that will also identify solutions to maximize the inherent economic, cultural, and educational potential of the Tuscarawas River.

Grant Funding


Amendment to the Official Plan Categories:                   Watershed Management, Water Quality Improvements           

Amendment to the Official Plan Sub-Categories:            WM-1  Planning

                                                                                 WM-6  Assist Local Property Owners with Best Management                                                                                  Practices

                                                                                 WQ-5   Environmental Education



Total Project Cost:         $30,119

Requested Grant:          $28,500

Recommended Grant:    $22,500

Location Information

Activity Log

The Board of Directors approved this Grant on February 17, 2017.

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