2017 City of Green- Regional Stormwater Basin Study

Problem Description

The City of Green is requesting financial assistance to address regional storm water management and flooding. Heavy rain events contribute to regular flooding in the southeastern corner of the City of Green, as well as increased water volume and peak flow into the Zimber Ditch in Stark County. The Regional Stormwater Basin Study will provide for the design of the proposed basin to alleviate this flooding. The project will include the development of an as-built survey, an in-depth review of existing conditions, an environmental review, geotechnical investigation, and development of a preliminary design.

Solution Description

The project will reduce flooding impacts locally in the City of Green and downstream along the Zimber Ditch in Stark County. The project will primarily benefit the residents of the City of Green and the Zimber Ditch Watershed.

Grant Funding


 Amendment to the Official Plan Categories:                   Dam Safety/Flood Control

                                                                                  Watershed Management


Amendment to the Official Plan Sub-Categories:            DS-6    Flood Mitigation

                                                                                 DS-7    Assist Local Flood Reduction Programs                                                                                                           WM-1 Planning



Total Project Cost:       $59,500

Requested Grant:          $59,500

Recommended Grant:   $45,000

Location Information

Activity Log

The Board of Directors approved this Grant request on February 17th, 2017.

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