2017 Blackberry Alley Restoration Project-City of Mount Vernon

Problem Description

The City of Mount Vernon is requesting financial assistance to address storm water management in its urban core with an innovative underground detention and infiltration system project. The Blackberry Alley Restoration Project includes a complete reconstruction of the brick roadway, curbs, sidewalks, and extensive water quality and flood reduction measures, utilizing underground retention and infiltration systems. The underground retention system includes 2,300 square feet of infiltration area and 8,530 cubic feet of capacity within the stone backfill and storm chambers. The project will reduce peak discharge and downstream flooding on the Kokosing River.

Solution Description

The project will reduce storm water runoff, promote the infiltration and treatment, and positively affect the water quality of the Kokosing River. The Blackberry Alley Restoration represents the first project of the City of Mount Vernon’s Green Infrastructure Program

Grant Funding


Amendment to the Official Plan Categories:                   Dam Safety/Flood Control       

                                                                                 Watershed Management

                                                                                 Water Quality Improvements 

Amendment to the Official Plan Sub-Categories:            DS-7    Debris Removal in Stream Channels

                                                                                 WM-6  Assist Local Property Owners with Best Management                                                                                  Practices

                                                                                 WQ-2   Water Quality Monitoring

                                                                                 WQ-5   Environmental Education


Total Project Cost:       $370,267

Requested Grant:          $161,753

Recommended Grant:   $135,000

Location Information

Activity Log

The Board of Directors approved this Grant on February 17, 2017

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