2016 Wilmot Stream Restoration Project - Village of Wilmot

Problem Description

The Village of Wilmot is requesting financial assistance to restore the natural stream channel of a tributary to the Middle Fork Sugar Creek in the Village of Wilmot.  The project will restore approximately 1,100 feet of stream and adjacent floodplain in the village.  The applicant is requesting funding for the design and engineering of of this project; the village will apply for assistance from the Clean Ohio Fund and the MWCD in 2016 for construction.

Solution Description

The restoration of the stream channel will restore the stream's flood storage capacity and reduce erosion and sedimentation.  The project will benefit residents in the Village of Wilmot resulting in a more stable streambank, which will protect adjacent residential dwellings.  The floodplain bench and reduction in sediment loads will provide flood reduction benefits and improved water quality.  Beach City Dam and Reservoir are located downstream of the project location.

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Grant Funding

Total Project Cost:    $385,380
Requested Grant:    $78,900
Grant Awarded:    $78,900

Location Information

The project is located along the Middle Fork Sugar Creek in the Village of Wilmot in Stark County.

Activity Log

The recommended grant was approved by the Board of Directors on February 19, 2016. This project was completed and closed in Fall 2016.

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