2016 Nimishillen Basin Flood Warning and Flood Mapping- Stark County

Problem Description

The U.S. Geological Survey (USGS) is proposing to install 5 stream gages and 2 precipitation gages within the Nimishillen Creek Basin in Stark County, Ohio. The USGS will also conduct hydraulic and hydrologic analysis for selected reaches within the basin to better define areas at risk from flooding and update the detailed Flood Insurance Study (FIS) flood hazard areas for selected reaches of the basin.  The USGS will also develop flood inundation maps for range of stages for the Nimishillen Creek at North Industry and deliver them to the USGS Flood Inundation Mapping (FIM) website for real-time use during floods.  They will publish a USGS Scientific Investigation Report detailing the results of the study.

Solution Description

This project is critical for future flood reduction within this area of MWCD.  Once complete, the resulting model and collected data can be utilized to determine the expected benefits from future flood reduction projects.  The Goals of this project is to provide a flood warning system for the branches of Nimishillen Creek.  Also to install gages to collect and report data on the precipitation and stream levels and discharges within the basin.  We hope to deliver a reliable hydraulic model to adequately reflect the relationship between precipitation and stream discharges/levels that can be used to model proposed flood reduction projects within the basin.  Residences and businesses within the basin will benefit from this project along with government agencies that can use the model to investigate, plan, design and construct flood control devices.

Grant Funding

Total Funding Request from MWCD PWM Program $500,000.00

Amount Granted from MWCD- $100,000.00/year over a five year period.

Location Information

Activity Log

This project began in fall 2015 and will be ongoing through 2020.

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