2016- Cool Springs Park Logjam Removal- Ashland County

Problem Description

This project is located one half mile south of St Route 95 in Ashland County.  The property is owned by Ashland County Park District (ACPD).  This logjam is located on the Lake Fork River in a remote location at the ACPD Cool Springs Park located off of CR37 in Mohican Township.  There are a total of three logjams on an approx. quarter mile stretch oh the Lake Fork.  Part of this project will cover the expense of repairing an access trail/dike through a wetlands area.  The water levels are being elevated at up to four feet from normal pool levels in a very flat topography and as a result are destroying farmland, wetlands and forested habitats.  Large amounts of floating trash and junk are settling at the edge of the pools behind the log jams. 

Solution Description

The goal is to remove these logjams as soon as possible and allow the return of normal stream flow and pool levels.  As the water levels return to normal, the fields and habitats are still at a point where they will be able to naturally repair themselves over time.  Success will be measured by seeing normal stream flows and healthy habitats and forests in a year or two. 

Grant Funding

Total Grant Request from MWCD Debris Removal Program-$35,750.00

Amount Granted- $35,700.00


Location Information

Activity Log

This project was completed in August 2016.

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