2015 Watershed Education - Kent State University, Stark Campus

Problem Description

Kent State University at Stark has requested financial assistance to purchase equipment to model hydrologic flow and measure and monitor water quality in the field and classroom.  The equipment would enable students to conduct field work in streams and model and measure samples in lab facilities.

Solution Description

The addition of the hydrologic flow modeling and water quality monitoring equipment will provide hands-on learning for students in biology and geology courses at Kent State University at Stark.  The program will increase knowledge on hydrologic flow and water quality issues.

Partnering agencies in this environmental education project include Stark Parks and the Stark County Educational Services Center.

This environmental education project will increase the comprehension for students on hydrologic flow and water quality issues.  Supporting environmental education programs increases awareness of conservation and water quality.  This project aligns well with MWCD's mission and authorities granted within the Amendment to the Official Plan.

Grant Funding

Total Project Cost:    $16,319.00
Requested Grant:    $16,126.00
Approved Grant:    $16,126.00

Location Information

This equipment will be housed at Kent State University Stark Campus in North Canton, Stark County.

Activity Log

This PWM Grant was approved at the February 20, 2015 meeting of the Board of Directors.  This grant was completed by December 2015.

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