2015 Sugarcreek Log Jam Removal

Problem Description

The proposed project involves the removal of large log jam located in the Sugarcreek area approx. 1,000 feet north of the Arnold Road bridge in Sugarcreek Township, Section 8. Material will be removed from the Sugarcreek from the east and possible the west bank staying above the ordinary high water mark with equipment.  Material will be stock piled in the adjacent farm field owner by Fred Myers to be disposed of by hauling away some material and by burning woody debris in place.  Care will be taken to stock pile material so that is cannot re-enter the stream during high water events.

Solution Description

The project is needed because the logjam is causing water to severely erode the west bank of the Sugar creek. The logjam has also caused water to flood the adjacent farm field and to flood Arnold Road downstream.  Should portions of the logjam move downstream, it could potentially damage the Arnold Road bridge over the Sugar creek. 

Grant Funding

Funding Request from MWCD Debris Removal Program- $4,000.00

Amount Granted- $4,000.00

Location Information

Activity Log

This project was complete in January 2016.

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