2015 Stillwater Creek Clean Up- City of Uhrichsville

Problem Description

Funds from this grant will be utilized to clean up the Stillwater Creek in Uhrichsville.  Many residents have had heavy flooding on their property and have voiced their concern to council.  Due to heavy flooding the mosquitoes are bad in the area and is a concern to the residents from a health and safety standpoint.

Solution Description

This project is needed to eliminate flooding that is taking place around the Gorley Bottom Area in the Stillwater Creek.  Stillwater Creek has a lot of debris which is causing a lot of flooding in residents yards.  The goal of this project is to eliminate the flooding in surrounding areas, especially Gorley Bottoms so residents can enjoy their yard and property spring, summer and fall months.

Grant Funding

Funding Request from MWCD Debris Removal Program- $11,140.00

Amount Granted- $11,140.00

Location Information

Activity Log

This project was completed in December 2015.

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