2015 Sewer Line Replacement - Ohio FFA Camp Muskingum

Problem Description

Ohio FFA Camp Muskingum requested financial assistance to replace 700 feet of clay sewer line.  The sewer line, which is over 75 years old, serves a number of structures at the camp.  The proposed project includes excavating, removal of the existing sewer line, and the installation of a new 8" PVC sewer line.  The proposed new sewer line will tie into the new wastewater treatment facility at FFA Camp Muskingum.

Solution Description

Wastewater treatment and collection system projects have an immediate water quality impact.  Located directly on Leesville Lake, this project has been identified as a Priority Level One wastewater system project.

This project aligns well with MWCD's mission and authorities granted within the Amendment to the Official Plan.

A few images of the project can be seen here.

Grant Funding

Total Project Cost:    $30,000.00
Requested Grant:    $30,000.00
Approved Grant:    $30,000.00

Location Information

Ohio FFA Camp Muskingum is located on Leesville Lake in Carroll County.

Activity Log

This PWM Grant was approved at the February 20, 2015 meeting of the Board of Directors. This grant is now closed.

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Ohio FFA Camp Muskingum