2015 Park Street- Green and Complete Street Demonstration- Village of Marshallville

Problem Description

This project would be a new design model for suburban storm water control through a simplified, suburban Green and Complete Street design. This design will include utility friendly bio retention areas, interpretive sign, and previous pavement all-purpose path with vegetated swale. Unlike typical previous pavement installation with section-wide, continuous three-foot deep aggregate subbase, this project proposed an 8-inch deep aggregate base pitched to a four-foot deep and eighteen-inch-wide trench running the length of the trail.  This installation would capture and provide infiltration for at least a one year storm while still enabling drive access, pedestrian traffic, and room for underground utilities.

Solution Description

This project will be a cost effective, multi-beneficial example of how communities can do that. This design deviates from typical storm water quality BMPs and implements new methodologies to store and treat water cost effectively in tight spaces.

The Village believes that this demonstration project will provide a real work example of cost-effective green infrastructure storm water source control that also provides quality of life amenities for residents. Project goals include 700 linear feet of Green and Complete Street installation at $160 per linear foot or less.  At least four municipalities informed with cost effect green street source control solution by attending public meetings and/or tours.

Grant Funding

Total Funding Request from MWCD PWM Program- $16,351.04

Amount Granted- $16,170.50

Location Information

Activity Log

This project was complete in Fall 2015.

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