2015 Muskingum River Bank & Road Stabilization - Muskingum Township, Washington County

Problem Description

Muskingum Township in Washington County requested financial assistance to stabilize a severely eroded river bank to protect a township road.  The project proposes to stabilize the river bank and road by injecting high density expanding structural polymer resin.  The resin hardens the soil to stabilize the bank and increase the resistance of erosive forces. 

Solution Description

The project proposes a newer technology in stabilizing a river bank.  The stabilized bank will protect the township road, which requires continual maintenance and rehabilitation.  By reducing erosion and sedimentation, this project will positively affect water quality for the Muskingum River.  Additionally, the project will protect health and safety and reduce future property damage. 

This project will reduce erosion and sedimentation on the Muskingum River while protecting health and safety and reducing property damage.  The project proposes to utilize a newer technology, which should prove to be highly successful and cost effective.  This project aligns well with MWCD's mission and authorities granted within the Amendment to the Official Plan.

Grant Funding

Total Project Cost:    $129,750.00
Requested Grant:    $116,000.00
Approved Grant:    $116,000.00

Location Information

Locations along Township Road 32/ Muskingum River Road, Muskingum Township, Washington County

Activity Log

This PWM grant was approved at the February 20, 2015 meeting of the Board of Directors. The grant was completed in November 2015.

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