2015 MRAC Muskingum River Snag and Debris Removal

Problem Description

MRAC has identified 60 snag and debris sites from Marietta, Ohio to Ellis Dam along the Ohio River.  The blockage and snags in many cases are hindering the course and flow o the Muskingum River, causing bank erosion, hazardous conditions, forcing the river flow to encroach on properties.  The snags and debris will be removed via barge and excavator with the grapple type attachment, off loaded at one of may permitted ramp sites, then transferred to an approved site above the 100 year flood plan where the debris would be recycled or disposed of.

Solution Description

MRAC's goal is to remove and dispose of sunken of half sunken blockages, be it trees, brush, vehicle tires, etc.  The disposal will be executed from a river work barge using an extended reach excavator.  This debris removal project will benefit the county engineers and ODOT by relieving unneeded stress and force on the bridge piers.  ODNR dam structures and the property owner by hindering the rivers encroachment on to their land.

Grant Funding

Total Funding Request from MWCD Debris Removal Program $68,540.00

Amount Granted $68,540.00

Location Information

Activity Log

This project was complete in October 2015.

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