2015 Log Pond Run Diversion Channel Restoration Project- City of Newark

Problem Description

The City of Newark, Gresham Smith & Partners and Wallace & Pancher Inc. (WPI) have completed design drawings and permit applications for the restoration of approximately 1,500’ of the Log Pond Run Diversion Channel and 120’ of the unnamed tributary to Log Pond Run within the city limits. MWCD has provided funding support through their grant programs for the design/engineering and permitting phase of the project.  The city has completed the design drawings, obtained permits, developed engineer’s cost estimates, developed plan construction bid packages and will be reviewing contractors bid in anticipation of selecting a contractor in late 2015/early 2016 to maximize contractor availability and potentially allow the contractor to obtain project materials for early 2016 pricing. 

The project objective has been to develop construction drawings and select a qualified contractor to restore this reach of log pond run diversion channel through MWCD grant programs. This application is the final funding request for this project and includes cost for construction and construction management.

Solution Description

The primary goal of the project is to restore hydrologic function and reconnect the floodway with the flood plain for the 1,500’ of restored channel. The primary benefactors of the project include both human and aquatic ecosystem health.   Reducing the sediment transport to Dillon Lake will improve the recreational experience at Dillon State Park and as stated, the project will provide biological uplift by reestablishing the channel’s thalweg and adding rock cross vane structures that provide aquatic habitat, as well as, structural support for the streambed.

The newly restored stream will also improve the recreational experience for user of the adjacent bike path by creating more natural habitat and increasing the aesthetic appeal and is intended to be used for outdoor education with demonstrating restoration of an urban stream.

Grant Funding

Total Funding Request from MWCD PWM Program- $302,193.00

Amount Granted- 74,722.00

Actual Dollar Spent- $71,023.68

Location Information

Activity Log

This project was complete in December 2016.

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