2015 Killbuck Valley Wetlands Acquisition - Holmes County Park District

Problem Description

The Holmes County Park District requested financial assistance to acquire 63 acres of wetlands near the Killbuck Creek and adjacent to the Holmes County Trail in Prairie Township.  The wetlands provide important water quality and wildlife habitat components, and its connection to the Holmes County Trail offers public access as well as an education outreach component.

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Solution Description

The property acquisition will ensure the perpetual protection and conservation of ecologically important wetlands.  The property acquisition will maintain and improve water quality of the Killbuck Creek, preserve wildlife habitat, and provide opportunities for educational programming. 

This property acquisition permanently protects ecologically important wetlands from future development.  This project aligns well with the MWCD's mission and authorities granted within the Amendment to the Official Plan.

Grant Funding

Total Project Cost:    $226,000.00
Requested Grant:    $49,143.00
Approved Grant:    $49,143.00

Location Information

The property is located near the Killbuck Creek and adjacent to the Holmes County Trail in Prairie Township, Holmes County.

Activity Log

This PWM Grant was approved at the February 20, 2015 meeting of the Board of Directors.  The grant was completed in November of 2015.

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