2014 Valley Township/Buffalo Fork Logjam Removal

Problem Description

This debris removal project is located in the Buffalo Fork/Creek Area near St. Route 145 (Bluebell Road).  This jam has been in place for at least 10 months as indicated by Google images dated 10/8/2013.  This jam is located near a rail bed and a bridge with east access from both banks of the fork.

Solution Description

The area where this jam is located has been susceptible to flooding in the past and since this is a major local route any potential flooding will disrupt the local economic activities in this part of the county.  This jam has grown in size compared to when it was initially identifies last year and is causing erosion of the rail bed and adjacent property.  The goal of this project is to successfully remove the logjams and flood debris and to move it to an area that is away from potential flooding.  The success of this project will be determined by the decrease in flooding issues during periods of heavy rain with the primary benefactors being the residents along St. Route 146, Valley Township and Cumberland.  Finally , Valley Township will be using the Guernsey County Community Development Corporations (CDC) road crews for this work.  The CDC has the manpower and equipment necessary to complete this daunting task.  In addition its' workforce development program helps individuals who have suffered from long-term unemployment by giving them the training and skills necessary to seek employment in the construction and labor industries.

Grant Funding

Funding Request from MWCD Debris Removal Program- $2,382.74

Amount Granted- $2,382.74

Location Information

Activity Log

This project was complete in Summer 2015.

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