2014 Stark County Zimber Ditch HMGP

Problem Description

Flooding problems along the Zimber Ditch tributary to the Nimishillen Creek in Stark County prompted county officials to apply for Hazard Mitigation Grant Program (HMGP) funding from the OEMA. MWCD was informed of this pending application by OEMA as well as Representative Kirk Schuring and other local officials during the summer of 2013. Following this contact, MWCD responded by sending a letter of support for the project and MWCD officials attended a handful of public meetings over the past year to show support for the project.   


Solution Description

The intent of the project is to buy and remove flood damaged homes along Zimber Ditch and to permanently recreate the floodplain area. Specifically, up to nineteen homes will be removed in a two-phase project. The first phase will begin in October focusing on five homes and then proceed down the priority list as far as funding will allow. Stark Parks is the project sponsor and once a home is purchased and removed, the property will turned over to Stark Parks in perpetuity as a green-space floodplain and further development on the property will not be permitted.

Total project cost is $1,500,000 of which FEMA will pay $1,250,000 and the State of Ohio will pay $187,500. This maximizes the federal cost share percentage at 75% while requiring a local cost share amount of $375,000 or 25%. Local cost share is proposed to be made up by the City of North Canton at $60,000, Stark County Commissioners at $27,500, and MWCD’s PWM Program contributing $100,000.

Grant Funding

Funding Request from MWCD PWM Program- $100,000.00

Amount Granted on September 26, 2014- $100,000.00

Additional Request #1 on July 17, 2015- $21,500.00

Additional Request #2 on March 18, 2016- $22,139.20

Additional Request #3 on October 21, 2016- $105,090.76

Location Information

Activity Log

This Project has been ongoing since Fall 2014 continuing into 2017.

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