2014 Camp Presmont Wastewater Treatment Plant Improvement

Problem Description

Camp Presmont, located along Piedmont Lake in Belmont County, requested financial assistance to replace an aging and potentially-failing wastewater treatment system. The previous wastewater treatment system was installed in the 1960s and is not functioning adequately. The proposed project will replaced this system and ensure that untreated wastewater is not discharged into Piedmont Lake.

Solution Description

This project consists of the replacement of an aging and poorly functioning wastewater treatment plant which is sited on MWCD property and discharges directly into Piedmont Lake. Installation of a new wastewater package plant will ensure the effective treatment of waste from Camp Presmont and ensure full compliance with Ohio EPA standards and requirements.

Grant Funding

Total Project Cost: $131,936.50
Requested Grant:   $ 65,968.25
Approved Grant:     $ 65,968.25

Location Information

Camp Presmont is located in Belmont County on the shore of Piedmont Lake.

Location map

Activity Log

This grant was approved by the Board of Directors on February 28, 2014.  This grant is now closed. 

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