2013 Pavonia East Road Bridge Replacement

Problem Description

The Richland County Engineer has requested reimbursement for the Pavonia East Road bridge replacement. This project request was first received by MWCD in 2006. The bridge was completed in 2011, and the applicant is requesting partial reimbursement for its local cost share.

Solution Description

This project leverages significant Ohio Department of Transportation federal bridge replacement funding to replace a bridge directly impacted by the backwaters of Charles Mill Lake.

The bridge and roadway have historically been flooded by Charles Mill Lake. The scope of the project included lengthening the bridge as well as elevating and straightening the approach road to improve safety and reduce the change of closure.


Grant Funding

The funding reimbursement will be applied towards a future bridge replacement project on Geisinger Road where the bridge spans the Black Fork of the Mohican River. The Geisinger Road bridge is also directly affected by the backwaters of Charles Mill Lake.

Total Project Cost:    $ 704,236
Requested Grant:       $ 63,691
Approved Grant:         $ 62,000


Location Information

The Pavonia East Road Bridge is located approximately 3.7 miles upstream of Charles Mill Lake on Township Road 90.

Activity Log

This grant was awarded by the Board of Directors on March 15, 2013.  This grant was completed in June 2013.

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