2013 Nimishillen Creek and Raceway Restoration

Problem Description

The City of Canton requested funds for design and engineering for restoration of 1.65 miles of the West Branch of the Nimishillen Creek and a 1-mile manmade raceway that was used historically to supply drinking water to the City of Canton.

Solution Description

The goals are to stabilize the banks, promote natural floodplain utilization, restore riparian areas, improve the water quality of the stream channel, and provide educational outreach to the public and city maintenance staff. The project will restore and improve a lage segment of an urbanized steram that has experienced erosion, loss of riparian vegetation, and floodplain degradation due to urbanization. The restoration will improve water quality, reduce stream bank erosion, reconnect the floodplain, restore the riparian areas, and provide environmental outreach to the public.

Grant Funding

Total Project Cost: $88,100
Requested Grant: $61,150
Approved Grant:   $60,000

Location Information

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This project is located along Interstate 77 in the City of Canton. The 1.65 mile run of the Nimishillen Creek West Branch and the 1-mile manmade race travel through a series of city parks including Stadium, Monument and Waterworks parks.

Activity Log

The grant for this project was approved by the Board of Directors on March 15, 2013.  The grant is completed. 

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