2013 Malvern Community Park; Big Sandy Creek Bank Stabilization

Problem Description

The Village of Malvern has requested funding to stabilize approximately 500 lineal feet of stream bank along the Sandy Creek in the Village Park. The subject site is experiencing severe erosion and bank undercutting. The proposed project will significantly reduce erosion and sedimentation, thus improving water quality.

Solution Description

The stream bank stabilization would reduce erosion and sedimentation in the Bolivar Dam storage area and increase safety for park visitors. The project benefits the Village of Malvern, its residents, and park visitors.

This project reduces erosion and sedimentation along a severely eroded portion of the Sandy Creek in the Village of Malvern Park. For images, click here.

Grant Funding

Total Project Cost:   $153,617.51
Requested Grant:    $122,894.01
Approved Grant:      $115,000.00

Location Information

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The Malvern Community Park is located in the southwest side of the Village of Malvern, Carroll County.

Activity Log

This grant was approved at the March 15, 2013 meeting of the Board of Directors.  Work was completed in the fall of 2013-2014 and that grant is now complete.

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