2013 Luke Chute Riverbank Stabilization Feasibility Study

Problem Description

The Friends of the Lower Muskingum River (FLMR) are seeking funding to conduct a feasibility study for riverbank stabilization just downstream of the Luke Chute Dam (owned by the Ohio Department of Natural Resources) on the Muskingum River. The riverbank and adjacent property are owned by the FLMR and is experiencing severe erosion.

Solution Description

The project consists of initial data collection and stakeholder input to investigate the feasibility of potential streambank repairs.

Grant Funding

Total Project Cost:       $48,000
Requested Grant:        $48,000
Approved Grant:          $10,000

Location Information

The erosion affects the left descending bank of the Muskingum River south of the Luke Chute Dam in Morgan County, Ohio.

Activity Log

This grant was approved by the Board of Directors on March 15, 2013.  This grant is now complete.

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