2013 Levee Infrastructure Improvement Project

Problem Description

The City of Massillon has requested financial assistance to address deficiencies in the existing levee structure along the Tuscarawas River. The completion of the project will ensure that the levee complies with the regulations of FEMA and USACE and provides necessary flood protection to the City of Massillon. Accreditation of the levee will ensure numerous homes and businesses remain out of the flood zone and thus not subject to higher rates, flood insurance, and additional liability.

Solution Description

The project components include slip lining various storm sewers, modification and rehabilitation of existing sanitary sewer siphon chambers and replacement of gate valves, and the installation of cured-in-place pipe within the sanitary sewer siphons. The project improvements will ensure the City of Massillon meets FEMA and USACE levee accreditation requirements.

Grant Funding

Total Project Cost:     $2,048,550
Requested Grant:        $ 350,000
Approved Grant:          $ 350,000

Location Information

Located in the City of Massillon, Stark County along the Tuscarawas River. See the map above.

Activity Log

This grant was approved by the Board of Directors on March 15, 2013.  This grant is now complete.

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