2013 Harrison County Regional Sewer System

Problem Description

The Harrison County Commissioners have requested funding to evaluate the feasibility of providing centralized sewage collection and treatment in the Piedmont Lake region and MWCD Piedmont cottage areas, as well as the communities of Freeport, Moorefield, Piedmont, Holloway and Smyrna.

Solution Description

The abovementioned areas are currently unsewered. Many have failing onsite systems, which discharge into the Stillwater Creek or Piedmont Lake. Samples in the Stillwater Creek have revealed elevated levels of E. Coli. The Harrison County Commissioners are proactively investigating sewerage feasibility for these areas in anticipation of being placed under findings and orders from Ohio EPA.

This project studies the viability of central sewers in an area of failing septic systems. The failing systems have contributed to elevated E. Coli levels recorded near Piedmont Lake. This project could directly lead to future water quality improvements in the Stillwater Creek and Piedmont Lake.

Grant Funding

Total Project Cost:     $ 10,000
Requested Grant:       $ 8,000
Approved Grant:         $ 8,000

Location Information

Freeport, Moorefield, Piedmont, Holloway and Smyrna, as well the Belmont Ridge area of Piedmont Lake in Harrison County.

Activity Log

This grant was approved by the Board of Directors on March 15, 2013.  This grant is now complete.

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