2013 AMD Study of Wills Creek and White Eyes Watersheds

Problem Description

For the past few years, MWCD has been in discussion with the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers (USACE) on characterizing and developing a treatment system for an acid mine drainage (AMD) seepage problem at Wills Creek emanating from the former Mason Mine 280 (MM-280) site. Non-federal cost share for this project was projected to be approximately $1 million. This project was discussed in a meeting last month with USACE leadership in Huntington, WV, and it was agreed that by analyzing and characterizing the many AMD seeps in and around Wills Creek and understanding which of those seeps should be remediated from a benefit/cost perspective, MWCD will be better prepared to commit PWM dollars in a more effective manner. 

The Ohio Department of Natural Resources Division of Mineral Resources Management (DMRM) Acid Mine Drainage Program is evaluating the degree and impact of AMD on streams and rivers in the coal bearing region of Ohio. The ultimate goal of this undertaking is to better characterize AMD impacts in Ohio, develop Acid Mine Drainage Abatement and Treatment (AMDAT) Plans where applicable, and implement AMD remediation or treatment projects where streams or rivers can be expected to improve to meet state biological water quality standards.

Solution Description

Collaboration between ODNR and Ohio University produced a proposal for MWCD consideration intending to characterize AMD in Wills Creek and White Eyes Creek watersheds to support DMRM and the MWCD in the development of an Acid Mine Drainage Abatement and Treatment Plan (AMDAT). 

Data collected as part of this scope of work will be used to develop a restoration strategy and identify priority remediation projects. Grab samples will be analyzed by DMRM at the Cambridge Laboratory (Ohio EPA certified). Once an AMDAT is developed for a particular watershed it will become eligible for AMD program funds to implement the plan.

Grant Funding

Total Amount Requested from MWCD PWM Grant Program- $79,893.00

Amount Granted to Project- $79,893.00

Location Information

Activity Log

This project was approved by the MWCD Board of Directors on November 2013. Work began in December of 2013 and project was completed in May of 2015.

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