2012 Sonnenberg Village (BMP/ Flood Control)

Problem Description

The Kidron Community Historical Society (KCHS) is requesting financial assistance to install a water control and absorption system for Sonnenberg Village, a five-acre site dedicated to preserving historical buildings and serving as a model for sustainable living.



Solution Description

The KCHS has already completed a water diversion and cleaning system for the west part of the Village. KCHS is now ready to complete a similar system on the east side. The project would detain water for absorption on the site; what isn't absorbed will be filtered through a rain garden and pond system and then released into the Sugar Creek.

Grant Funding

The project will help reduce flooding along the Sugar Creek near the community of Kidron. The absorption system will detain and filter water. It will also serve as a model for storm water management best management practices

Total Project Cost:     $ 268,000
Requested Grant:      $   50,000
Recommended Grant $   50,000


Location Information

Sonnenberg Village is located at 13515 Hackett Rd, 1/4 mile east of Kidron Rd., near Kidron in Wayne County.

Activity Log

PWM funding was approved by the Board of Directors on March 23, 2012.  This project is now completed.

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