2012 PWM Lower Muskingum Flood Warning System

Problem Description

MWCD has been involved in discussions with numerous agencies and communities as a potential cost share sponsor for the purpose of implementing an early flood warning system for the lower Muskingum River.

The success of the Findlay Flood Warning System has created a great deal of interest from communities within the Muskingum watershed to implement a similar system. MWCD has taken an active role in providing financial assistance for flood warning systems in the Duck Creek watershed (Noble and Washington counties) and the Licking River watershed in Licking County.

Solution Description

The objectives of the project are to provide community officials from McConnelsville to Marietta with the ability to receive automated warnings about flood stage or excessive rates of stage increase directly from new stream gages, develop flood-innundation maps for a range of stages from the Ohio and Muskingum Rivers at Marietta, and to provide the completed hydraulic models and flood-inundation mapping to the National Weather Service for inclusion into the Advanced Hydrologic Prediction Service.

Grant Funding

The project is to begin June 1, 2012, and the final report, hydraulic models, and flood-inundation mapping will be delivered to the City of Marietta, NWS, and MWCD by September 30, 2014.

Total cost of project:    $615,000
Requested award:       $400,000
Recommended award: $400,000

This would be paid in yearly budgeted amounts. During 2012, the MWCD cost share amount would be $129,250.

Location Information

McConnelsville to Marietta along the Muskingum and Ohio Rivers, including the communities of Malta, Stockport, Beverly, Waterford, Coal Run, Lowell, Devola, and Oak Grove.

Activity Log

PWM grant approved by the Board of Directors on May 18, 2012.  The 2012 grant for this project is now complete.

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