2012 PWM DRP - Ashland SWCD; Young Project

Problem Description

The Ashland Soil and Water Conservation District has submitted a Debris Removal Program request for financial assistance to remove a large logjam located on the Lake Fork of the Mohican River. This logjam is severe eroding the Lake Fork, sending tons of sediment downstream.

Debris Removal Program (DRP) funding is meant for removal of debris fields and log jams which are posing or will clearly pose a threat to public health and safety.  Examples include flooding of roadways or accumulation of debris against bridges or other critical structures.  Debris fields and log jams which cause significant erosion and loss of stream bank material may also be considered.

Solution Description

Ashland SWCD, as the project sponsor, will oversee removal of logs and debris from the impared section of the Lake Fork.  This will help increase flow during high rainfall events, easing localized flooding as well as preventing further sedimentation from occurring downstream. 

Grant Funding

Requested amount:        $9,625.00
Recommended amount: $9,625.00
Approved amount:          $9,625.00

Location Information

The project area is located in Ashland County, on the Lake Fork of the Mohican River. 

Activity Log

This DRP grant was approved by the Board on September 21, 2012.  This grant is now closed.

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