2012 Operations and Maintenance - Duck Creek Flood Warning System

Problem Description

With installation of the flood warning system completed, maintenance needs of the system must be addressed. The Board of Directors has approved ongoing operations and maintenance costs for three stream gages. MWCD will be a cost share partner in these ongoing operations and maintenance costs.

Solution Description

The MWCD has been working with numerous federal, state and local agencies and officials for development of an early flood warning system in the Duck Creek Watershed in the southern portion of the Muskingum River Watershed. The list of partners includes the Noble and Washington Soil and Water Conservation Districts, the Noble and Washington County Commissioners and the City of Marietta, as well as those shown to the right.

Grant Funding

Location Information

The Duck Creek Watershed covers approximately 287 square miles in Washington, Noble, Monroe and Guernsey counties.

Activity Log

A PWM grant was approved by the board on February 17, 2012. The 2012 cost share for operations and maintenance costs is $28,225.00.  This grant is now closed.

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