2011 Surface Water Innovations Program

Problem Description

The lower Muskingum basin is seeing increasing levels of runoff during peak storm events which cause erosion and flooding issues.  While there are several innovative, natural solutions for storm water runoff, there are few working examples in southeast Ohio. 

The Muskingum Valley Park District, the Muskingum Soil and Water Conservation District, the Mission Oaks Foundation and the City of Zanesville have been working together to find a solution to the increased runoff as well as reduce the contaminants that are washed into the Muskingum River. 

Solution Description

A project has been developed in an urban neighborhood in Zanesville that would include construction and observation of several storm water runoff best management practice solutions.  The installation will include rain gardens, a retention pond and broad based dips.

Grant Funding

The project location is a 50-acre residential area surrounding the Mission Oaks Gardens, which is a wooded park and ravine.  There are approximately 145 single family homes in this area, with ground sloping toward the Muskingum River.  The public will have full access to the installation at the Muskingum Valley Park District Office, as well as access to the adjacent Mission Oaks Gardens.  The project will be monitored by the Soil and Water Conservation District Engineer, allowing calculation of storm water runoff reduction.  There will also be an educational component through existing seminars and tours as well as a tabletop display for traveling shows. 

Total Project Cost:      $103,351
Requested Grant:       $  95,963
Awarded Grant:           $ 47,000


Location Information

The project is located in Zanesville.  The storm water runoff solutions will be installed at the Park District office and adjacent Mission Oaks Gardens.  The project is bounded by Yale Ave. (north), McConnel Ave. (south), Euclid Ave. (west), and Norwood Blvd. (east) and is being referred to as the Mission Oaks Watershed. 

Activity Log

A 2011 PWM Grant in the amount of $47,000 was awarded by the Board of Directors on April 22, 2011.  The project is now complete.


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