2011 Southern Watershed Management Plan Development

Problem Description

The Friends of Lower Muskingum River seeks to develop a watershed management plan for the region.  They have applied for a grant from ODNR for a watershed coordinator to lead the development of a watershed plan, but require a local match to obtain funds.

Solution Description

This program leverages ODNR funding to develop a watershed management plan for a financially distressed and environmentally sensitive region within the Muskingum and Duck Creek watersheds.  The development of this plan will identify and prioritize watershed threats and best management practices.  Ultimately, a watershed action plan opens the door for further Federal and State funding to address problems within the watershed.

Total project cost:          $140,000
Requested Grant:          $  28,000
Approved Grant:            $  28,000

Grant Funding

The watershed plan will become a tool that will guide future implementation of conservation projects throughout the region.  The planning process will include: a stream water quality assessment, a headwater assessment, storm water asessments, and create inventories of livestock, tillage, best management practices in use, stormwater management practices in use, home sewage systems and lowhead dams. 

Location Information

The Friends of Lower Muskingum serves Washington, Morgan, Muskingum and Noble counties.

Activity Log

A 2011 PWM grant was approved by the Board of Directors on April 22, 2011.

ODNR awarded the grant for a watershed coordinator, who has since been hired.  The first stakeholder meeting for the Watershed Action Plan for the Southern Subwatershed of the Lower Muskingum basin occured July 21, 2011 at Marietta College. 

Friends of the Lower Muskingum River are currently accepting comments from the public through survey, available on their website.  These comments will be encorporated into the Watershed Action Plan being developed.

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