2011 Lick Run Phase II - Pond 1, 2 and 3 Repair Project

Problem Description

The MWCD is a cost-share partner with ODNR's Division of Mineral Resource Management - Acid Mine Drainage Unit to repair and modify structures around Pond 1, Pond 2 and Pond 3 in the Lick Run Bay portion of Piedmont Lake. A previous project repaired the dam at Pond 1, which collects and reduces the amount of aluminum sulfate entering directly into Piedmont Lake as the result of acid mine drainage.

Solution Description

Pond 1 was the result of the dam and spillway construction and is in place to remove aluminum precipitate.  During monitoring it was noted that a beaver dam was built on the site that must be removed.  There is also work required to improve a low-water point near the pond.

Pond 2 is designed to remove iron precipitate as the water moves from pond 1 to pond 3 then through to Piedmont Lake.  There are several rusted outflow pipes that need replaced and other general repairs required at the dam site. 

Pond 3 further removes contamination before the water flows into Piedmont Reservoir.  Repairs were planned to several of the drainage structures.  There are also plans for an emergency spillway at this pond.

Included in this project are also plans for remediation of several identified barren areas near the Lick Run Bay, further reducing sedimentation.

Grant Funding

As of April 2012, work completed at Pond #2 includes removal of a older concrete headwall and flow control structure, cleanout of the pond and a new primary spillway designed and ready for concrete. Cleanout of Pond #3 has also begun.



Location Information

This project is located near the Lick Run Bay area of Piedmont Lake in Belmont County. 

Activity Log

Prebid meetings were held for this project August 11, 2011.

Construction began in October 2011 and was completed in summer of 2012.

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